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Welcome to OXO RIDE Franchisee Networks Welcome to OXO RIDE Franchisee Networks Welcome to OXO RIDE Franchisee Networks

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OXO Ride is an end-to-end online taxi service solution. The service is only to render an establishment between the passenger and the driver or service provider from any available mobile device with cellular data connectivity and GPRS available on it. OXO Ride does not own or operate any vehicles on its own.

There are two separate user Apps available on the system, one for the Driver and one for the Passenger. Using the respective App,  user or passenger need to set the destination and pickup location of his and her interest. The system will search for a service available on the locality and response back with a notification on the app whether any driver or service is available or not.  If the service is available, he can confirm and proceed with the ride. Or else passenger can try for the next available service.

All the Govt permitted on-road vehicles for the passenger including the three-wheelers, four-wheelers, e-rickshaws and the motorcycles are compatible to use with OXO-Ride Service. 

It is absolutely free for the user as a passenger to book the service. But for the user as a driver or service provider need to pay a minimum service fee to avail the service.  Please call and contact our customer service for more details.

We have a robust high-end database management system on the cloud. It continuously monitor the data being used in the system and tracks all the relevant information and drivers online in realtime. It can immediately zero down the issue if there is any kind of misconduct.  Which produce almost a 100% secure and safe ride on OXO-Ride. 

The main goal of the application is limited to provide an online service only to set connectivity between a customer with an available service on the basis of the realtime search. All the vehicles and services available on OXO-RIDE platform is contributed by the registered service provider. It is a facility that provides service to the customer while generating income for the driver. Once the system approved the applicant for the service provider, the said vehicle and service will be available immediately for the customer to book online.  

The Driver is the one who drives the service vehicles and the Service Provider is the registered user to OXO-RIDE who provides the service vehicles to make it available on the OXO-Ride system.

Any individual with a valid Indian License with Govt allowed passenger and other utility vehicles can apply for the online registration using the Driver Registration button on the Right Top Corner of the navbar.

Anyone interested to become a service provider needs to contact the registered OXO-RIDE Franchisee available for that particular locality. For finding an OXO Franchisee at your location please contact our customer service. We will love to assist you with the same.

24 to 48 hrs. But some case depending the various process of verification it may take longer.

One of our executives will contact you with 24hr at your valid contact number and follow up a verification process. On successfully completed the verification process, your account will be activated immediately. And you will get a notification for the same.

Any Indian citizen male and the female applicant having any of the avobe mentioned vehicles used in OX-RIDE can apply for a Driver / SP account.

No. As mentioned above we don’t operate any service vehicles of our own. All the vehicles available online on OXO-RIDE are contributed by our service providers.  So you need to contact our Franchisee Networks nearest to you to get registered under our system.

No, you are open to use the service and can inactive your account at any time you want  and this is subjected to the terms and conditions defined by the principal company.

Applying or registering into the OXO-RIDE system, you by default come into a basic user agreement with OXO-RIDE. The user agreement is available online for your ready reference and the same can be changed or updated during the various time.